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The inside of a stapler is a beautiful piece of work. The precision wherewith the metal is bended, how it moves and everything comes together. The big mistake is that every things is covered in cheap looking pieces of plastic.

The stapler asked for a redesign and I came up with several concepts. The concept that was the most interesting was the stapler bended out of one piece of sheet metal which I found after a lot of prototyping. The only parts you have to add is a guide wire for the spring, the spring it selfs and a part that pushes the staples forward.

For determining the size I wanted to use the industrial standard size for metal, 1×1 meter.
For a single stapler I need 2,5 x 33,33 cm so I can get 120 staplers out one square meter. Only 3% is cut out to make al the parts moving and stick together.

I worked with prototypes only because the bending is extremely complex. So it stays a concept for now, but a very lovely one to look at.
Completely transparant and visible in the way it works.
It’s a total redesign of the stapler with pure simplicity and still recognisable as a stapler.

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