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Project details

One of the things that gives me great joy is my coffee in the morning.I always used the greatly designed Francis Francis espresso machine of illy. For Christmas I bought myself a Chemex Classic to extract more flavour from specialty coffees.

I’m a big fan of the Chemex design but I couldn’t resist to draw an alternative for the wooden collar, just for the sheer joy of 3d drawing. The result was more pleasing than I had thought in the first place. It is really easy to attach to the neck of the Chemex, especially compared with the original wooden collar. It just snaps around it, what makes it a lot easier to clean.

So I ended up with a really slim design alternative for the wooden collar of the Chemex Classic 6 and 8 cups. It is 3D-printed out of an flexible textured plastic by shapeways. They have the possibility to sell your 3d models in their shop. I’ve tried it out to become familiar with their possibilities and to offer it to other Chemex users. One of the great possibilities I’ve found is that they offer a module to add text or image to the 3d model. The process is completely automated, the personalisation is generated and can directly be printed.

Maybe I’ll draw some new patterns some time soon, just for the joy of it 🙂


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